Truck Festival 2017 Experience!


Sorry for the lack of posts on this blog, I know this is always my excuse but I have been super busy and to be honest lost motivation for this. However I have a lot of new ideas to write about so hopefully i’ll be writing posts more!

So, I love festivals. The feeling you get when you’re dancing to your favourite band on stage playing live is a feeling like no other, I’m sure you’ll agree! I absolutely love the atmosphere of festivals and the freedom. The first weekend festival I attended was Reading in 2016. So this year I thought I’d give another festival a go and I’m so glad I did!


I attended Truck Festival for the weekend in July 2017. As expected the atmosphere was amazing and I saw some fantastic acts such as The Night Cafe, The Vaccines, The Magic Gang and Sundara Karma.  The weekend was great however it was a shame that it rained pretty much the whole time so I hardly got any sleep as my tent got soaked. The wellies definitely came into good use as it was super muddy!


I was actually pleasantly surprised with portaloo situation as they seemed to get cleaned so they were bearable. Compared to Reading festival where the toilets were AWFUL in the campsite.



I highly recommend this small festival as it was such a good experience and super cheap so I’d go again!



Quite possibly the cutest ice cream place in London

Hello guys!

I recently went to London with my University friends for a day out and we just spent the whole day wondering round the hidden parts of London to find little gems such as this ice cream place.

Udderlicious is situated on Upper Street in London tucked in the corner of the road with not many tourists to be seen. It was the cutest & coolest ice cream shop I’ve ever seen so of course I took A LOT of pics!









I hope this has now made you want some ice cream!

Speak soon,

Alice x


My week in photos: 30/01/17

Hello guys!

I hope you are well and had a fab week! My week went by so quickly as I was so busy! Here is my week in photos, enjoy 🙂

Started editing our drama piece

I had a flat party with all my course friends and it was the most fun I’ve had in a while☺️

Gym time with my best friend! 💪

More editing on Thursday!

More editing

Alice x

My week in photos: 23/01/17

Hello guys!

I have decided to try and start writing posts about my week through photographs I have taken throughout that week. Hopefully this will help me try and kick start my blog again. I have also been updating my Instagram (@everythingalice_) and Twitter (everythinga1ice) pages if you want to follow them!

As this was my first week of doing this, I kinda forgot to take photos. I’ll try harder next time haha.

Filmed our 3 min drama piece for my course

Had a chilled night in with my university friends

Went to a “refreshers” fair with my friend and had photos taken in the photobooth!

Looking forward to next week 🙂

Alice xx


St Albans Christmas Market

Hello friends,

I’m probably quite late for only posting this now but I wanted to share my photos from when I went to the St Albans Christmas Market back in December. It’s too pretty not to share!

Christmas Market

Christmas Market

Cathedral looking pretty

Cathedral looking pretty

Uni friends

Huge christmas tree

Favourite stall…doughnuts 

Favourite stall…doughnuts

Can it be Christmas again please?