Peak District, UK

Hey guys!

Recently I went on a trip to the Peak District which was absolutely stunning! I went there to climb the rocks (which I did) but I also went on walks to explore the hills. It was very cold and windy but I loved it. Here are some photos!

Hope you liked the photos.

Alice x


Brown & Rosie Cafe | London

Hey guys!

I noticed a couple of people like my post about the cafe review so I thought I’d post another. If you haven’t seen my last post it was about the cafe Bluebelles of Portobello in Notting Hill which is definitely worth a visit!

Brown & Rosie cafe is situated in Kensington, London. It’s super easy to get to on the tube as well! I went here for brunch and a coffee and it was gorgeous! The interior design was so lovely and house goals!! I had scrambled eggs on sourdough toast to eat (this is my favourite!) which was so yummy. The price was very reasonable too and was also a lovely place to catch up with friends.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and liked the photos!

Alice x

Bluebelles of Portobello Cafe | London

Hello lovely people!

I recently went to Notting Hill in London for Brunch to catch up with my friend and discovered this gem! This super cute cafe is a perfect spot for brunch and a cappuccino. It is located in a great spot in Notting Hill and a short walk from the tube station.

I had a cappuccino to drink and scrambled eggs on toast with a sausage to eat. The food and coffee were amazing and the food really filled me up and also gave me loads of energy which I needed for the day. The prices are very reasonable and the staff there were so friendly and helpful and it shocked us both how much they made us feel welcome. I would 100% return here and would recommend to everyone!




Thanks for reading!

Alice x