Truck Festival 2017 Experience!


Sorry for the lack of posts on this blog, I know this is always my excuse but I have been super busy and to be honest lost motivation for this. However I have a lot of new ideas to write about so hopefully i’ll be writing posts more!

So, I love festivals. The feeling you get when you’re dancing to your favourite band on stage playing live is a feeling like no other, I’m sure you’ll agree! I absolutely love the atmosphere of festivals and the freedom. The first weekend festival I attended was Reading in 2016. So this year I thought I’d give another festival a go and I’m so glad I did!


I attended Truck Festival for the weekend in July 2017. As expected the atmosphere was amazing and I saw some fantastic acts such as The Night Cafe, The Vaccines, The Magic Gang and Sundara Karma.  The weekend was great however it was a shame that it rained pretty much the whole time so I hardly got any sleep as my tent got soaked. The wellies definitely came into good use as it was super muddy!


I was actually pleasantly surprised with portaloo situation as they seemed to get cleaned so they were bearable. Compared to Reading festival where the toilets were AWFUL in the campsite.



I highly recommend this small festival as it was such a good experience and super cheap so I’d go again!




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