Exploring London during Summer’16

Hey guys,

I thought I would share my snaps of when I went exploring around London and where are the best and my favourite places to visit! (writing this post during Winter makes me miss the warm weather)

Camden Lock

1. Camden – Camden is such an interesting place with so much to do. There are always so many food stalls from all over the world and Camden market is very popular.It has always had a reputation for being the “cool” place to go, but personally I think there are better places to go.It is definitely worth checking out tho!


Notting Hill

Notting Hill

2. Notting Hill – I love Notting Hill! It is such a beautiful place with so many colourful houses! I had never been to Notting Hill until the Summer which was such a shame as I was really missing out. There are loads of cute, unique shops were nice to wonder around. I would recommend highly visiting this place.

Houses of Parliment

Big Ben

London Eye


Central London – This part of London is the bit that everyone knows about and always has the most tourists. There are a lot of things to do in this part such as Sea Life, Madame Tussuads, London Eye, Open bus tour or London Dungeons, just to name a few. Oxford Street is also great for shopping in London which is only a few tube stops away from central.

Photos with the graffiti walls!

Photobooth in Shoreditch



Shoreditch – So I have officially found my favourite part of London! Shoreditch is so quirky, fun and full of cute shops. I absolutely love the graffiti walls which are everywhere. I could pose and take photos all day! This is probably my new go to place in London so if you haven’t already, then go to Shoreditch!


Hope this post was useful and has inspired you to travel more around London and can show you how different each place actually is!

Alice x


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