Autumnal & Halloween events to do in your area! // Eventbrite

Hello everyone,

Hope you are having an amazing week! So, I’m guessing you all have realised that it is now October, yes this year has gone ridiculously quick :/. But apart from the fact it is nearly the end of the year and turning into ‘big coat and scarf’ season, October is actually a really exciting month. We can now get out our onesies, slippers, candles and wrap up extra warm (if you haven’t done so already!) in preparation for the cold winter.

However instead of staying at home, why not find out what local events are going on in your area. The website Eventbrite is an amazing tool to help you find out about events going on near you at this time of the year especially. Eventbrite are a huge ticketing platform which run all around the world, helping people find and plan events. Here are a few events I found which are running in the UK which would be great to attend.

I have chosen some of my favourite events on Eventbrite which I think are pretty cool and are fairly local to me! Hopefully this gives you some inspiration to get involved with things you’ve never done before.

zombieWhat is it? Zombie Zurvival Run, a 5km run dress as a zombie! Where? Cheshunt Park Golf Centre, UK. Price? Free. This would be great to do with a bunch of friends as a bit of fun and it’ll get you in the mood for Halloween!

pumpkin-carvingWhat is it? Pumpkin Carving Workshop Where? Madame Tussauds, London. Price? £25. This event would be amazing to do as a family or with children, you would learn the arts of pumpkin carving and become and expert in this 2 hour session!

What is it? Petrifying Pumpkin carving Where? Iver Environment Centre, Slough UK Price? Free. This event is very local to me, check out your local activity centres for any events going on there as they are normally cheaper.


What is it? Hertford Food and Drink Festival Where? Hertford, UK. Price? Free. Have a look whether your local town is holding a food and drink festival or a farmers market as these are great to go to in the autumn, plus you get lots of free tasters!

These are just a few examples of awesome events you can do this Autumn/Halloween which are all on Eventbrite!

Hope you enjoyed reading,

Love Alice x


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