The Perfect Night In // Adore Me

Hello lovelies,

Hope you are all well 🙂

Sometimes it can be nicer to spend an evening chilling with your boyfriend/girlfriend/friends in your cosy warm home rather than go out drinking, clubbing and spending money that you don’t have!

WHAT TO DO: My perfect night in would consist of watching Netflix (we have just finished watching Stranger Things and wow it’s amazing so please watch!), or watch a film, my favourite genres to watch are comedy or action. I would also enjoy talking to the person I’m with about what they had been up to and just spend time with them. I really appreciate moments spent with people especially now all my friends are going their separated ways for university it is important to spend the last few weeks with them appreciating the company.


WHAT TO EAT: Now, if you are having a movie night then food is very important. Ordering a Dominoes pizza always goes down a treat (my favourite pizza topping is tuna & sweetcorn, might sounds weird but it’s so so good). For snacks, I would buy some sweet & salt popcorn, Tangy cheese Doritos, maybe some Pringles and then of course some Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream! I think I would also buy some Malteasers as they are my favourite. You don’t need to have alcohol in order to have a good time, however a glass of wine or a bottle of cider would be nice!

SET THE MOOD: Light some candles, turn on the fairy lights and put on the cosy socks!

WHAT TO WEAR: For a night like this, it is very important that you feel comfy and confident with your body. If I was spending this perfect night in with my friend then I would choose to wear my Panda onesie as it is super cosy and cute, however it’s not the best outfit to wear if you were with your boyfriend. For me personally it’s all about the baggy tees and shorts/leggings as it looks nice and is also comfortable.

Sometimes it’s nicer to make a little bit more of an effort with your comfy evening outfit so with the baggy tees/sweaters, pair it with some gorgeous sexy underwear or sleepwear. Wearing  a nice bra or underwear can give women a boost of confidence. The perfect website to help you achieve this look is Adore Me. They sell some beautiful underwear pieces which would be lovely for the perfect night in with the boyfriend.

So all of these steps can help you achieve my perfect night in! Tell me what your perfect night in would be?!

Speak soon,

Girl About Town



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