Be happy and make a positive impact // Cotopaxi

Hello! I’m finally back on the blog after a couple of months, I really need to get back into the routine of posting which will happen! This post is all about how to be happy, make others happy and just make a positive impact on the world which is very important and sometimes easy to forget. I have teamed up with Cotopaxi for this post.

I think a really good way to make you feel happier is to do things for other people which makes them feel good which will rub off on you! A quote which I really love is “Throw kindness around like confetti” which could possibly be my motto in life. It doesn’t hurt to throw a compliment around once in a while! Another thing which you could do to make someone you love or even a stranger happy would be to write them a nice note or buy them a small gift you know they had always wanted as thoughtful things can out rule an expensive present in my opinion.

It is also very important to think about other people around the world who are less fortunate than you and try to give back to them. Ways of doing this would be through donating old things/clothes to  your local charity shop or just giving donations to charities that help these people such as Oxfam. I also like doing car boot sales which are fun to do and makes you feel good by donating the money to charity 🙂  If you are creative then you could make your own cards or tie dye t-shirts (see my post on how to make these) to raise money for charity.

Recently, I was inspired by a business called Cotopaxi and their mission to do good. They donate a percentage of every sale they make to different organisations across the world. The products they sell include backpacks, camping gear, sleeping bags and so much more. No two designs of their bags are ever the same which I think is very unique as they are made with repurposed fabric.

I think what Cotopaxi do and what they want to achieve is very positive and motivational. They assist fund solutions which help vulnerable people living in extreme poverty. Cotopaxi has funded various grants to charities across the globe that focus on things such as health and education. Their aim is to build a sustainable way out of poverty by working together with the local community. The grants have included improving the access for good education in places such as Ghana, Ecuador, the Phillippines and Tanzania and also developing sustainable living in partnership with the grantees. I think what Cotopaxi do is very inspiring and should be recognised by many more people.

Check out their website here:

Thanks for reading!

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