Oxford Street // Primark’s New Candles

Hello Everyone!

I’m sorry I have been lacking on blog posts recently!

Today I went to Oxford Street with with my cousin and we went to sooo many shops that it fells like my feet are going to fall off!!!

I went to Primark and discovered their new homeware range which include these stunning candles which I picked up. The first one is in the scent White Cardamon & Sage which smells really fresh. It also has a wooden lid which I love and this candle does not look like it came from Primark AT ALL! This candle only cost £4.

The next candle is in a black and copper packaging which is so lovely and is in the scent Bamboo and Jasmine which smells a little bit spicy but fresh at the same time! I love this candle as well and it only cost £3 which is amazing. If you like candles like me then I really recommend picking these up!

Just in case you didn’t know, I am a little bit obsessed with candles! If you want me to show you my collection in a post then comment below! 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed this!

Girl About Town



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