Meeting Fleur De Force!

Hello everyone!

So as you can tell by the title, I met Fleur De Force who is a YouTuber, Blogger and Author of “The Glam Guide”. I heard that Fleur was doing a meet up in London Covent Garden in the Urban Decay shop on the 29th May 2015 so I went along!

I have Fleur’s book called The Glam Guide and I really love it as it gives you so many tips about beauty, fashion and lifestyle so if you haven’t read it I suggest you do!

So on the 29th May I went to London with my friend Jade to go to Oxford Street (as we really wanted to go to the new Lush!) which was so fun! Then we got on the tube to covent garden and queued up to meet Fleur. She was so lovely and she signed my book and we got a photo together and I just love how nice she is in real life. Some YouTubers seem fake or not very excited to meet fans but I could tell that Fleur was a really lovely person. The whole experience was so surreal as I only watch her through a screen but it felt like I knew her.

When we were in Primark in Oxford Street I also saw this blogger called Charlotte Fisher and I had a photo with her and we chatted for a bit 🙂

Overall I had such a fun day and had the time of my life 🙂


Charlotte Fisher

Charlotte Fisher

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! Write in the comments which YouTuber/Blogger you would like to meet!

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