Lush Oxford Street!

Hello Lovelies!

How are you? I have had a pretty chilled day which is good 🙂

Last week I had a week off school for half term and I went up to London to Oxford Street with my friend Jade. I had a really lovely day. I wanted to go to Oxford Street for a particular reason and that reason was the new Lush!

The Oxford Street Lush in London has 3 amazing floors including a photobooth! They have over 200 NEW products exclusive to the Oxford Street store. I can honestly say that it was amazing!!

I haven’t opened all of the products yet so I thought I would just go through what I bought (if you want to see what these products do look like then click on the name of the product and it will take you to a photo on Google). These are the products which I bought!

  • The Experimenter Bath Bomb £3.75 – This is a multi-coloured bath bomb and it is quite big. It does smell good but it’s not my favourite smelling product. This is the most popular bath bomb at Oxford Street. I bought this to try it and if I like it I can buy it again when I go back!
  • Intergalatic Bath Bomb – £3.50 – This is a big blue minty fresh bath bomb which is filled with glitter and popping candy! Again this isn’t my favourite smell but I thought it would be rude not to try it! I can imagine it would look amazing in the bath!
  • Milky Bath Bubble Bar £3.75 – I actually originally thought this was a bath bomb (like butterball) when I bought it but it turned put to be a bubble bar! It looks like a retro milk bottle and it doesn’t really smell of anything but I thought it would leave my skin feeling sup[er soft. I’m not sure whether I would re-purchase this as it doesn’t smell but I will just have to see!
  • Big Bang Bubble Bar £3.75 – I didn’t intend on buying this product but I smelt it in store and it smelt AMAZING so I had to buy it! I love that you can use bubble bars twice as it makes the product seem cheaper. I recommend this bubble bar and I will probably re-purchase when I go again!
  •  Floating Island Bath Oil £2.00 – I love these bath oils as they leave your skin feeling really soft and moisturised and they are only £2!!!! I think I will definitely stock up next time I go! I love the vanilla smell of this melt.
  • Mmelting Marshmellow Moment Bath Oil £2.00 – This bath melt/oil smells so good! It smells really sweet just like candyfloss and I really like this one.
  • I Am A Radiant Being Bath Oil £2.00 – This smells quite floral and is a little pink star. I bought this one to try as it smelt nice! 🙂
  • Double Vitality Bath Oil £2.00 – This is the only product that I have actually used so far! I really liked it and it left my skin feeling so lovely! I will definitely pick this one up again. This also smells really great and looks like a little star sandwich! I will leave a photo below of what it looked like.


Thank you for reading! P.s I have a very exciting post planned!

Girl About Town



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