My Wishlist


How are you? I have had a busy day today but it has been good 🙂

I thought I would write a post about my wishlist. However this isn’t any wishlist, this is my life wishlist! These are items which I would like to have one day. I thought this would be a nice post for me to look back on as I can see if my wishlist would have changed.

  1. Pashley Bicycle – Pashley bikes look so vintage and retro and I would love to own one myself one day. I love the cute basket at the front and I would love to ride a Pashley bike near the seaside. The reason that this is on my wishlist is because the bikes are very expensive!
  2. Penny Skateboard – I currently have a fake pennyboard which I love but I would like a real pennyboard at some point. If I still really enjoy pennyboarding in a couple of years then I might purchase one as they are not too pricey.
  3. KitchenAid Mixer – I love to bake so to own one of these mixers would be amazing! I would probably go for a pastel coloured one as it would look super cute in the kitchen.
  4. Dr Martens – I would like the Dr Martens boots in Patent Black at some point as I really like these boots. I think they would look good with most outfits and they just look so nice!
  5. Canon EOS 1200D Camera – I really want this camera as it is so reasonably priced and takes great quality photos. I am going to try and save up for this!

Let me know some products which are on your wishlist!

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