Spring Haul


I hope you have had a good Sunday! I have school tomorrow so wish me luck! 😦

Just to let you know that I love shopping a lot so when I went to Westfield with my friend I did some damage to my bank account! As I bought some things I thought I would share them with you! I love reading fashion hauls on blogs and watching YouTube video hauls so I thought I would try it for myself!


The first thing I bought are the Topshop Black Ripped Joni Jeans. I have wanted these jeans for a while so I finally bought them. Topshop’s Joni jeans are the most comfy jeans I have ever worn and I will defiantly purchase more Joni jeans in the future. Although I have seen a lot of people with these jeans, I do think they are worth buying as they can look amazing with any outfit. These jeans cost £38.00.


The next thing I bought was also from Topshop and it was a white t-shirt with a deer/bambi coming out of the pocket. I thought this t-shirt was so cute and I think it will look really nice in the summer with some denim shorts! They also do the same top with a pug coming out of the pocket which I also liked but I preferred this one a little more. This t-shirt costs £22.


The next thing I bought was the Rimmel London Rita Ora Nail Varnish in the shade ‘Go Wild-er-ness’. I love the packaging of this nail varnish as I love daisies! I love this shade of purple and I adore Rita Ora’s new range and I had to stop myself buying the whole collection haha! The nail vanishes only cost £2.99 which is a bargain!


This is my favourite item that I bought on my shopping trip! I bought this yellow jacket with a striped inside from American Eagle Outfitters. I had never been in American Eagle Outfitters before and luckily my friend dragged me in and I spotted this jacket! I have seen this type of jacket before but I didn’t think that I could pull it off. I had actually seen Zoella wear a very similar jacket to this and Zoella is my style icon! I am so happy with this purchase and I forgot to mention that the jacket had 50% off so it was super cheap and I am now super happy!!


The last thing in my haul is from Tiger and it is a lipstick storage holder. I have been looking for a cheap lipstick storage holder for a while and when I saw this in Tiger for only £3 I couldn’t resist! I don’t have very many lip products but I think a storage holder was a good idea as I can see clearly what products I do have.

If you would like to see a spring clothing lookbook from me then comment down below and I can try and do one for you 🙂

Thank you for reading!

Girl About Town



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