Skincare Routine

Hello Everyone,

I have a skincare routine for you today as I personally love reading other bloggers skincare routines as I find it quite interesting! I don’t really have a long skincare routine as I just cleanse and moisturise but you might be interested in what products I use.


First of all I am going to begin with the cleanser that I use as it is the first thing that I do! I have two products which I mostly use to cleanse my face. They are both liquids instead of creams as I find these products the easiest and quickest to use. I either use the Good Things Deep Pore Anti Blemish lotion or the Garnier Micellar water. I really love these two products so I tend to switch between the two. At the moment I am using the Garnier one. Good Things is a great brand which can be bought at Boots and the products smell amazing!


After cleansing my face with a round cotton pad I then move on to moisturiser. I firstly use a Boots eye cream under my eyes to make me look more awake in the morning. The moisturiser I use daily is the Good Things Face The Day moisturiser. Unfortunately Boots have stop selling this product but I have found out that Sainsbury’s still stock it! This moisturiser is so lovely and leaves my skin super soft and smells amazing. I would honestly recommend this to everyone!


I hope you have enjoyed reading my skincare routine. Comment below which posts you would like to see so I know what you would like more of 🙂

Have a nice day!

Girl About Town



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