Perfect Morning Smoothie Recipe


How has your week been so far? Today I thought I would do a post on how to make the perfect morning smoothie! I think smoothies are so filling and they are a great snack to keep you going throughout the day. This recipe is so simple and is so quick and easy to make. To make my smoothies I use the Breville Blend Active as it is a really good blender and is a dupe for the Nutri Bullet.



1 handful of fresh spinach

1 big handful of frozen berries

150ml Greek Natural yoghurt

A couple of ice cubes

1 chopped banana (still works without this as I had none at home)


Seeds – pumpkin or flaxseed (optional)

Making the smoothie:

Throw the spinach, frozen berries, yoghurt, ice cubes and the banana into your blender.

Add some water then blend. If the smoothie is too thick then add more water.

Pour smoothie into a glass or a Kilner Mug and enjoy with a paper straw!


I hope you enjoyed this recipe and has inspired you to make a smoothie!

Girl About Town



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