Book Review – Love, Tanya

Hello Everyone,

How was your day today? This morning I finally finished the book Love, Tanya by Tanya Burr so I thought I would share my opinions of it with you! I was really excited to pick up this book as I have watched Tanya’s videos for a while and I have also been to one of her meet and greets before. IMG_20150203_202814

The book starts off with a chapter about how Tanya grew up and her early life. I found this chapter very interesting and I loved knowing more about how Tanya’s childhood was. The next couple of chapters were about skincare and make up which gave me some useful tips and advice. I love that throughout the book there are pages to fill out yourself like ‘List your favourite school memories’. In the fashion section she tells you how to dress for your body type which is also very useful.

I love the baking section as well and I will be trying as many of the recipes I can! Some of the recipes include healthier chocolate brownies, triple chocolate cookies and Smarties flapjacks.I found the chapter Confidence and Happiness very inspiring and it really made me think.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone as I enjoyed it so much and I have taken away so many tips and lots of advice.

If you have read Love, Tanya then tell me your thoughts and comments on it!

Girl About Town



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