Pancake Day & Lent

Hello Everyone!

As you all know it was Pancake day on Tuesday so what pancakes did you have and how many?! I had about 3 and two of them were lemon and sugar and then the other one was melted chocolate, so nice!!

So after Pancake day comes Lent. I try to give myself goals to try and stop eating certain foods and to just generally be more healthy so I can pig out when Easter comes.  This year I have given up some food and set some goals.

  • No fizzy drinks – This one should be easier as I hardly ever drink fizzy drinks anyway haha!
  • No sweets/candy – This is going to be quite hard, but I do prefer chocolate anyway.
  • No chocolate biscuits. Can only eat plain digestives and rich teas – Now this is a challenge!
  • Be healthier – I am going to try and substitute unhealthy snacks for something healthier and I am going to try and exercise more.

Have you given up anything for Lent? If not, I hope this post has inspired you to set a goal for yourself between now and Easter.

Thanks for reading!

Girl About Town



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