Gail’s Brunch | St Albans

Hey guys,

Once again I am back to share my brunch story! I have finally visited a Gail’s cafe and oh my it was worth the wait! I loved this cute, small cafe/bakery. I had scrambled eggs, bacon and a cappuccino. The food was absolutely delicious and my friends were jealous of my food when they saw it (even though theirs looked great too). I just love how sweet it was and you can tell it’s where all the locals hang out! I can’t wait to return!

Doesn’t it just look amazing!

Love Alice x


Dishoom brunch | Carnaby Street


So very recently I tried Dishoom for their famous brunch! And oh my what can I say! The interior of this place was magical and transported me to India! The staff were all so friendly and helpful too! My friends and I sat on the comfy sofas and I decided to have a bacon naan and a cappuccino. Dishoom are known for their quirky naan dishes. My bacon naan was so yummy, it had spicy ketchup in and the naan was so fluffy. The prices were so cheap and reasonable too. I would most definitely return after this lovely experience!

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Alice x

Brompton Food Market | London

Hi guys!

In the summer I discovered this lovely place! It’s a little cafe called Brompton Food Market and has a lovely seating area outside so perfect for the summer! I had a sandwich and it was very filling and delicious! I would recommend this place! The interior design was also gorgeous!!!!

Let me know if you’re enjoying my cafe/food related posts!

Alice x

Peak District, UK

Hey guys!

Recently I went on a trip to the Peak District which was absolutely stunning! I went there to climb the rocks (which I did) but I also went on walks to explore the hills. It was very cold and windy but I loved it. Here are some photos!

Hope you liked the photos.

Alice x

Brown & Rosie Cafe | London

Hey guys!

I noticed a couple of people like my post about the cafe review so I thought I’d post another. If you haven’t seen my last post it was about the cafe Bluebelles of Portobello in Notting Hill which is definitely worth a visit!

Brown & Rosie cafe is situated in Kensington, London. It’s super easy to get to on the tube as well! I went here for brunch and a coffee and it was gorgeous! The interior design was so lovely and house goals!! I had scrambled eggs on sourdough toast to eat (this is my favourite!) which was so yummy. The price was very reasonable too and was also a lovely place to catch up with friends.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and liked the photos!

Alice x

Bluebelles of Portobello Cafe | London

Hello lovely people!

I recently went to Notting Hill in London for Brunch to catch up with my friend and discovered this gem! This super cute cafe is a perfect spot for brunch and a cappuccino. It is located in a great spot in Notting Hill and a short walk from the tube station.

I had a cappuccino to drink and scrambled eggs on toast with a sausage to eat. The food and coffee were amazing and the food really filled me up and also gave me loads of energy which I needed for the day. The prices are very reasonable and the staff there were so friendly and helpful and it shocked us both how much they made us feel welcome. I would 100% return here and would recommend to everyone!




Thanks for reading!

Alice x

Truck Festival 2017 Experience!


Sorry for the lack of posts on this blog, I know this is always my excuse but I have been super busy and to be honest lost motivation for this. However I have a lot of new ideas to write about so hopefully i’ll be writing posts more!

So, I love festivals. The feeling you get when you’re dancing to your favourite band on stage playing live is a feeling like no other, I’m sure you’ll agree! I absolutely love the atmosphere of festivals and the freedom. The first weekend festival I attended was Reading in 2016. So this year I thought I’d give another festival a go and I’m so glad I did!


I attended Truck Festival for the weekend in July 2017. As expected the atmosphere was amazing and I saw some fantastic acts such as The Night Cafe, The Vaccines, The Magic Gang and Sundara Karma.  The weekend was great however it was a shame that it rained pretty much the whole time so I hardly got any sleep as my tent got soaked. The wellies definitely came into good use as it was super muddy!


I was actually pleasantly surprised with portaloo situation as they seemed to get cleaned so they were bearable. Compared to Reading festival where the toilets were AWFUL in the campsite.



I highly recommend this small festival as it was such a good experience and super cheap so I’d go again!